I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!!!! (oh alright is a soft Meow too much?)


Week #5 Bird’s Eye View

I think that I would be running for the hills if I were this Rooster and this was my bird’s eye view, wouldn’t you?Don't Eat Me


Week #4 Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is that all the Zombies that my husband watches on “The Walking Dead” will limp and gurgle their way right through my TV screen and into my living room, hungry enough to eat me instead.  I truthfully don’t know how I have survived this far, they must not know where Florida is yet.  I can only hope they get indigestion eating me! Get your Zombie blasters ready – because soon they will be coming for you.

Let's Get Zombified


Week #17 Gate

Well I have finally found it so doubt no further.  I have finally found, by accident of course, that which man has sought tirelessly throughout the ages to find, and I can take you to its exact location any time you choose, just to reassure you that it is there waiting for you when you are ready.  But access to it is not that easy and you have to have led a good and charitable life, loving thy neighbors, and honoring thy father and thy mother, before they would even consider glancing at your application to get in. What is this place? Why the Gate to Heaven of course! And I have the picture to prove it. Or do I? HEAVENLY GATES


Week #12 Diamonds

“Will you marry me?” How many young girls spend their entire lives just dreaming of that glorious moment? And who can resist the lure of a diamond in any shape or form anyway? Well, how about if a handsome young man showed up at your front door offering you this as a way in which to convince you of his love? Would you doubt him? And would you take the leap? I am sure you would think it over a time or two, wouldn’t you?

And why didn’t I show you this handsome man’s face? I didn’t want to tempt all of the married women out there. We have enough problems….. Will you marry me


Week #26 Mealtime

Come and get it!!!! Can’t you just hear that dinner bell ringing in the background? Nothing must taste as good to these hungry butterflies than the sweet, sweet nectar of the very ripe fruit that someone was oh so smart to put out to attract them. I came along at just the right moment and was able to capture themLunchtimefeasting on all those delicious delicacies and I am sure that they wouldn’t have moved from that spot for anyone or anything. Lesson to be learned: a little sugar goes a long way.


Week #3 Before/After

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to go into some dark place, rest for a little while, and come out beautiful and ready to amaze the world with your loveliness? Well then start again and live the life of a butterfly, it’s just as easy as that. There is only one very teensy, weensy, itsy bitsy little small detail that I left out though. You may only be able to enjoy this new found loveliness for just a few weeks.  Small price to pay is what I say. Let the metamorphosis begin.Chrysalis Butterfly Blues


Week #52 Yellow

My Yellow BirdA slice of yellow pottery copyYellow is the theme for week #52, and I know that is the very last challenge, but I thought why not work myself up from the bottom and start at week #52, that might not be so bad.  Don’t they do that in exercise class and make you feel so good when you only have one more crunch to go after counting down from 15? If it works for them then I thought that should help me tremendously with this daunting set of tasks also. And the theme of yellow looked especially easy to me. Why? I have a whole Lanai filled with yellow – yellow pillows, yellow pottery, yellow flowers, yellow bowls, and plastic yellow lemons in those decorative yellow bowls to make it look more lived in. Yellow coming out of my ears. And how did I break it all up? I introduced the color orange – so hopefully next year that will be one of the themes and I can have fun showing you what co-ordinated with all that yellow – my orange. But for now enjoy my little yellow bird and the crazy geometric pattern of my little yellow planter and I will see you at the next challenge.